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anonymus asked: Logan Lerman or Josh Hutcherson

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Send me two characters/ships/anything and I’ll tell you through a gifset which one I prefer!

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make me choose
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new haircut :)

see this selfie? none of us will have a selfie like this selfie. none of us are this man. none of us will ever post anything that gets as many notes as this selfie. oh, you have a hundred note selfie? cool. oh, you have a thousand note selfie? nice. but this guy? this guy’s got 44k notes on his selfie because he got a new fucking haircut. he’s been on every kind of blog. pale grunge, soft ghetto, comedy, fandom, all of them. none of us will ever have a selfie quite like this. we’re pathetic. we’re nothing, we graduate and get 50 notes on our selfies, he gets a new haircut, and he gets 44 thousand. who are we? nobody, that’s who.

Dominic Sherwood: Just Jared Spotlight of the Week (Exclusive!) x


'Vampire Academy' Who Said It Edition


so it seems i’m one of those people that just follows the trend cause everyone is doing these so here i am. but at the same time i just reached 4k followers and that’s insane and awesome so i want to tell you all that i love you so much and that you all are such amazing and wonderful people. and i want to make sure you all know just how much i love you. and whether i’ve been following you for a year or a day, if i talk to you everyday, every so often, or if i’ve never actually talked to you at all before, i just really appreciate you all. so much!

so yeah these are some of my absolute favourite blogs that i follow:


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Happy 24th Birthday Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

(15th April 1990)


The Blood Moon :: (Timothy Green)


"normal teenagers would throw a party, but I stayed at home reading books and watching movies omg i’m so weird XD"


make me choose
  anonymous asked: jo masterson or lacey porter